godog provides walks, drop-in potty breaks, companion visits, and sitting services in the following area:

Braker Lane to the North | W 38th to the South | Dessau, Cameron, Berkman or I35 to the East | MoPac to the West.


Transportation and Training & Behavior services are offered throughout the Austin area.

Drop-in Potty Break $15

your pup can't hold it all day while you work or play. godog will pop over for a 10-minute potty break, refill the water bowl, and offer up a treat

Midday Walk/Visit $18

20-minute walk at the pace your dog prefers or play time and belly rubs. includes water bowl refill and a treat 


Companion Visit $25

one-hour visit includes a walk, play time, snuggles, belly rubs (whatever your dog loves the most!) and a water bowl refill, feeding, and a treat


Overnight at godog $45-$55

we offer a safe and cozy place for your friendly dog to stay in our home. A gated area of the home provides a separate space for quiet and alone times. Our old dogs provide companionship and share the couch and we make sure your pup is comfortable. The cost is $45/day for one dog or $55/day for two dogs. Meet & greets on site are required. 

*discounts are available for seniors who wish to keep their pet but need a little assistance. 

*discounts are also available for our neighbors in the Jamestown area of the NACA zone.


Cancellation Policy:

godog limits sitting and other services to ensure your pets receive the most attention and best experience. All services will incur a 30% charge for cancellations less than 24 hours in advance. Of course, we understand emergencies happen and in this circumstance we will not charge a cancellation fee. 

Special Needs Sitting
$75 per every 24 hour period

your furry friend has a special need that prohibits travel for boarding. we will wrap a midday visit into an overnight stay at your place to provide all the necessary care services for your pup. Service includes a care provider during the hours of 9:30pm-8:30am + a 25-minute midday + a 30-minute dinner visit.


Transportation $25/hour

you're a busy person, but your critter has an appointment or you need a ride to the airport. godog will be your pet chauffeur...whatever you need! Advance booking required - we recommend no less than one week. 

Training & Behavior Modification 
$45 initial assessment | $25 per follow-up visit

training and behavior modification require assessment. this requires an initial visit where i will observe how you and your dog interact. initial sessions can last 30-60 minutes and will involve a discussion of how best to proceed, a 10-15 minute guidance working session, and homework (aka: what to do before the next session). you are expected to complete homework.


follow-up sessions last 20-30 minutes depending on the progress of your pup. all sessions are one-on-one and take place in the comfort of your home/yard. the number of sessions needed depends on if you are doing your homework and what you want your dog to learn. 

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